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Talent Brand and Candidate Experience: Connecting the Dots

By Andii Lee on LinkedIn

Your talent brand is the first impression candidates receive from your company before they apply, step into your offices, or shake your hand. It’s the content, images, and information that help candidates picture themselves at your company – the window into the employee experience. Candidate experience connects the promises your talent brand is making and the reality of being an employee at your company during the interview process.

“With a successful talent brand, you have set an expectation of “what could be” for your candidate – which your candidate experience will need to deliver on.”

Leveraging findings from the Talent Board, it’s clear that candidates expect to feel their time is valued and receive high touch communication from the talent acquisition team. Personal and engaging communication can feel overwhelming while still delivering on distributed or high volume hiring needs. Using some of the methods below you can effectively manage all of these details while still providing a strong experience.

Here are 4 ways to connect the dots…


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