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The Good News About Global Candidate Experience

The good news is that in 2018, global job candidates gave employers a great candidate experience rating that was 17.4 percent higher than in 2017. This based on Talent Board’s annual candidate experience benchmark research of hundreds of global companies and over 350,000 global job candidates the past two years. The rating, one of many we capture each year, is based on asking the candidates how they will change their business relationship status with the employer they had applied for a job at.

This rating is a 4-point scale that goes from “I had a great candidate experience” and will increase my relationship by applying again, referring more often and making and/or influencing purchases if and when applicable; to “I had a very negative candidate experience” and will sever my relationship by never applying again, never referring others and not making purchases and/or encouraging others not to make purchases if and when applicable.

The “great” rating can translate into potential revenue for employers. The “negative” rating can mean a potential loss of revenue for employers. Especially for consumer-based businesses.

And yet, the more good news is that the global candidate resentment rate dropped one full percentage point for a decrease of 8.2 percent in resentment. A better candidate job market around the world most certainly has helped, along with employers investing more in improving recruiting processes and candidate experience from pre-application to onboarding.

Back in October, we celebrated the 2018 North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards Winners – those companies with the highest positive candidate ratings in our annual benchmark program.

Now the 2018 EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) CandE winners have been determined and announced!

Nearly 90 companies registered in these regions to participate in the 2018 Talent Board CandE Awards benchmark research program, which ultimately collected the thoughts and experiences of nearly 50,000 job candidates.

Winners were identified through a comprehensive data analysis based on their job candidates’ satisfaction survey scores. To qualify, each company committed to a statistically significant candidate response rate, where the proportion of respondents not hired met or exceeded a set standard.

The final analysis included four key questions that had a significant impact on determining the winners: the candidates’ overall ranking of their candidate experience, the likelihood that they would reapply to the organization, whether or not they would refer other job seekers to the organization and how the candidates would change their business relationship status with the organization going forward based on their experience. The final analysis resulted in a final CandE score for each participating organization.

This year we celebrate 15 organizations that received the highest positive candidate experience ratings in EMEA with a 38 percent higher aggregate CandE score average than 2017, and 16 organizations that received the highest positive candidate experience ratings in APAC with a 17 percent higher aggregate CandE score average than 2017.

The only anomaly is that the resentment rate went up in APAC this year compared to 2017, while dropping in North America and EMEA. We’ll be digging into that more to see what may be driving that.

Along with the 31 EMEA and APAC CandE Winners (see below), all employers participating in this year’s Candidate Experience Awards will be celebrated early in 2019 at upcoming events. Talent Board will also be releasing the full list of CandE winners by their final ranking order at those times.

We’re also excited to be launching the Talent Board CandE Benchmark Research Program in Latin America in 2019!

The 2018 EMEA CandE Awards winners are: (alphabetical order)

Autoliv Cankor Otomotiv Emniyet Sistemleri Sa
diva-e Digital Value Excellence GmbH
engineering people GmbH
General Electric
Hilton Worldwide
Ispak Flexible Packaging Company
Johnson & Johnson
Marriott International
Ravago Group Turkey
Virtusa Corporation
Western Union


The 2018 APAC CandE Awards winners are: (alphabetical order)

BAE Systems Australia
General Electric
Hilton Worldwide
Johnson & Johnson
Kronos Inc
Marriott International
Pratt & Whitney
Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd
S&P Global
Virtusa Corporation
Wells Fargo
Western Union


Happy Holidays!

Kevin W. Grossman
President and Board Member
Talent Board