These are the 9 best books to read on recruitment technology in 2023

While there are many books written about recruitment, which best focuses on the technology side of it? We’ve compiled a top 9 of books on recruitment technology.

The top 9 books about recruitment technology

The ranking of this top 9 is based on the ratings the books have received on Amazon. While there are many books that could have featured, we’ve tried to look for books that have been published in the last two to three years.

1. Candidate Experience: How to Improve Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Performance by Kevin W. Grossman and Adela Schoolderman

Candidate Experience discusses why talent acquisition is more than just recruitment. The book provides expert guidance on all the key phases of the experience: attraction, application, interviewing, offer and onboarding. Grossmand and Schoolderman offer clear explanations of how to use data, metrics and KPIs to track and measure candidate experience as well as coverage of how to excel at recruitment in a post-Covid world, which ranges from remote interviewing to surge hiring and identifying the new skills a company needs to thrive.

Amazon rating: 4.8 out of 5

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