The Time Is Always Right to Measure Recruiting Performance

By Kevin Grossman on Reach West

While most CandE Award winners measure their candidate experience regularly, nearly half of the top-ranked 2016 CandE Award winners also incorporate their findings into their recruiter dashboards, which are discussed regularly during formal recruiter reviews, according to recent Talent Board research.

It’s no coincidence these companies dominated the CandE Awards. Each of them has embraced the fact that ongoing improvement demands ongoing measurement. Informatica is one of these companies—and a multi-year CandE Award winner to boot.

In a recent Talent Board webinar, Mark Hornung, Informatica’s Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition Marketing and Employer Branding, spoke about his company’s talent challenges and how it uses CandE data to continually benchmark and improve its candidate experience.

Tall Talent Challenges To Conquer

Hornung noted that viable talent is comparatively scarce in Informatica’s specialized technical niche (enterprise data integration). And despite the company’s impressive pedigree—its success spans nearly 25 years and its clients include 84 of the Fortune 100 companies—Informatica competes for talent against several highly renowned brands in the data space. Adding to these challenges, Informatica’s candidates are highly networked. This means reputations spread quickly, so delivering a smooth candidate experience is critical.

“That’s why we don’t benchmark our Careers website against competitors,” Hornung said. “We benchmark against Amazon, Expedia and other sites that are known for delivering simple, stress-free user experiences. Applying for a job should be almost as easy as ordering a book online.”

Surveys are one of the most important tools Informatica uses to measure and monitor its candidate experience. While the company has long surveyed candidates on its own, it’s increasingly leveraging the survey results and insights it receives from the CandE Awards program. “The reason the CandE program is so important is that it helps identify specific strengths and weaknesses in your candidate experience,” Hornung observed. For example, Informatica’s CandE data showed that its application process is five minutes or less, well below the 13-minute average for most employers. That’s a clear strength in the talent acquisition race…


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