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The Top 11 Candidate Experience Articles for 2017 (with Sugar Cookies)

It’s that time of the year again. The time when top 10 articles of the year are posted everywhere across the worldwide inter-webs.

Well, we’re posting the top 11 articles shared on the Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards website during 2017. Articles chock full of recruiting and candidate experience vitamins and minerals.

And sugar cookies. Lost of frosted sugar cookies. Enjoy.

Happy Holidays!

11. 3 Things the Best Companies Know About Candidate Experience

10. Fix Talent Acquisition Mistakes to Avoid Bad Candidate Experiences

9. Building a Candidate-Focused Recruiting Experience with Integrated Technology

8. Candidate Experience = Brand Experience

7. The Golden Rule of Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience

6. This Report Will Convince You Candidate Experience Matters

5. Why Measuring Candidate Experience Today Can Pay Off Tomorrow

4. Moments that Matter in the Candidate Experience

3. It’s Not Rocket Science: How to Improve Your Candidate Experience

2. The Keys to Creating Happy Candidates and Boosting Referrals

1. Robots vs. Recruiters: AI and the Future of Talent Acquisition