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Treat Them Like Customers

Kevin Grossman, who oversees The Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Awards program, explains what it takes to give candidates a positive impression of your company.

By Andrew R. McIlvaine on Recruiting Trends

What sort of experience do candidates for positions at your company go through? Is it positive, negative — or have you even bothered to find out? These days, companies are under scrutiny like never before when it comes to candidate experience. With today’s unemployment rate at record lows and the labor market hardening like quick-dry cement, recruiters and talent-acquisition leaders need to be careful stewards of their employment brand to ensure it doesn’t end up permanently tarnished in the forums of Glassdoor and Indeed, and this includes ensuring that job candidates are treated well so they have a positive impression of the organization regardless of whether they end up getting the job.

At this year’s Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Conference, attendees will get to hear firsthand from recruitment leaders at companies like Intel Corp. and Superior Group what it takes to create a positive candidate experience. These companies and the others presenting in the Candidate Experience track of breakout sessions are all winners of the Candidate Experience Awards (the CandEs), presented annually by The Talent Board, a nonprofit organization. This year’s conference will also feature a main-stage session moderated by recruitment thought leader Gerry Crispin titled “The ROI Realities of Improving Candidate Experience,” featuring panelists from CandE-award-winning companies discussing what they do to ensure candidates are treated as recruiting’s top customers.

As The Talent Board’s president of global programs, Kevin Grossman oversees all aspects of the organization’s CandE Awards program. He’ll be co-presenting a breakout session at the conference along with Adela Schoolderman, talent acquisition manager at West Monroe Partners, titled “Ensure a Greater Return on Talent With Candidate Interview Prep and Communication.” We recently caught up with Kevin, who has more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment and HR space, to find out what he’s learned while overseeing the CandEs and the role recruiters can play in creating a good candidate experience…


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