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Turn Your Career Site into a Recruitment Engine

By Emily McMichael on RecruitingDaily

According to Talent Board’s 2018 Candidate Experience Research Report, 60% of candidates find that employer career sites are the most valuable channel when researching career opportunities. Employers agree. For the fifth year in a row, employers say that career sites are their number one channel for engaging candidates – with 77% citing them as critical for recruiting success.

However, despite their importance, career sites continue to be a low priority.  In fact, Talent Board reports less than half of employers to state that they will prioritize career site development.

The world’s leading authority in holistic child development sponsorships, Compassion International, states that their success hinges on their transparent, relevant career site. Sam Askew, senior manager of talent acquisition, explains, “Career sites are pivotal in our recruitment success because they are the first touchpoint we have with our candidates. It is vital that we communicate our story to our advocates and potential employees because we have a focused mission, and an important job to do. For us, we’ve found success in focusing our site on relevant content, honest communications, seamless experiences, and adaptive technology.

Together Sam and I believe the following are fundamental building blocks to the future of career sites…


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