Webinar Recap: 3 Ways Technology is Reshaping the Candidate Experience

By WilsonHCG

Technology is enabling better, more intimate and strategic human interaction by making various pieces of talent acquisition and recruitment automated, more easily tracked and efficient. With the right tools, recruiters are now able to put their true expertise to work in the areas they’re most passionate about (and the most important areas) – building relationships, learning, listening and helping professionals find their next, best career opportunity, while likewise helping them ramp-up in new roles at moment’s notice.
However, although technology remains critical to enabling a better candidate experience, it isn’t and can’t be the silver bullet.

On August 30, WilsonHCG and Talent Board hosted a joint webinar, Technology to Humanize the Candidate Experience. Throughout the webinar, Travis Furlow, WilsonHCG’s Vice President of Client Solutions, presented on the notions above as well as how, with the right people in place, technology can “humanize” the candidate experience in ways we’ve never seen. You can tune into the webinar recast at the link above, and the following features our three key takeaways from the discussion!


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