Talent Acquisition & Hiring Manager Relations

How Talent Board Can Help

Based on the 10+ years of candidate experience benchmark research, Talent Board offers customized CandE workshops and training to improve the relationship between TA and Hiring Managers.

Get your recruiters and hiring managers on the same page – finally! Your team will receive customized training and workshops on the implementation of SLAs (with templates). This training will improve communication between your recruiters and hiring managers, making it easier for your team to recruit quality talent faster and more cost-effectively than your competition.

Our customized workshops and training seminars will give your recruiting team and hiring managers insights that avoid time-consuming, costly interviews with candidates that don’t meet the company’s needs. It will provide key recruiting activities that differentiate your candidate experience from the competition and allow you to win the best candidates.  We will also provide your team with the tools for building solid relationships with hiring managers. These workshops and training seminars can be virtual or delivered onsite and can run for 2-4 hours or be multiple days if requested.

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