Candidate Experience Awards: 2013 Campaign is Open Until June 28


Candidate Experience Awards: 2013 Campaign is Open Until June 28

A reminder that less than a month is left to register and apply for the 2013 CandidateExperience Awards.

There is an industry-wide, ‘big data’ effort to better define, measure and bench US and UK (hopefully more countries will be on board soon) candidate experience practices.

The opportunity to do so is free and is now available at the CandEs Website until the end of June.

Whether you compete to be among the 2013 award winners honored in October at the HRTechnology conference or, remain anonymous and simply benchmark with those who do compete and win, you are contributing to the evolution of recruiting as a function that considers the business value of all of its stakeholders’ needs.

This is the third year of the ‘CandEs’ and the quality of the [survey] instrument we’re using to collect the information from participating employers and their candidates continues to get better. The whole initiative is being managed under a 501C non-profit called TalentBoard that has added 25 volunteers and a number of sponsors in 2013 to keep the work and the data in the public domain…and offered at no cost to employers.

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