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CSAA Insurance Group

CSAA Insurance Group

CSAA Insurance Group offers automobile, homeowners and other personal lines of insurance to AAA members through AAA clubs in 23 states and the District of Columbia.

1. What changes have you made to your candidate experience recently? What improvements are you most proud of? How do you know that your changes are making a difference?

Utilizing Survale’s platform, we are gathering data at several points in the candidate journey: career site experience, application, recruiter screen, post-interview and post-offer. With the real-time data, we’ve been able to increase awareness of the importance and impact of candidate experience on our company brand.

The insights and learnings have helped us align our recruiting processes and evolve our interview process to make for a more consistent, comfortable candidate experience. They have also contributed to a new and improved career website and better quality job descriptions. We have been educating and coaching leaders and interviewers about candidate experience and the lasting impacts on our brand and how we are perceived. Understanding what is working well for our candidates, as well as where we fall short, has given us opportunities to continuously improve and come up with new resources to lead our teams in cultivating a positive candidate experience.

One of the benefits for our internal talent acquisition team is that we are working more effectively together and creating repeatable, consistent processes that work across the group. We have a better understanding of the effects of our actions within the processes.

We know the changes are making a difference based on the feedback we receive from our candidates, which includes winning a CandE Award for the first time this year.

2. Why did you decide to make changes to how candidates were being treated? What data or evidence prompted you to make a change?

Being part of the AAA family means that we put members’ needs first. Customer experience is ingrained in our culture, and we know that every job seeker we interact with is either a member or a potential member.

It was a natural transition to assess our candidate experience to ensure it mirrored the same top-tier service a member would expect when doing business with us. A few years ago, we began looking for ways to measure and get feedback from our candidates on how they were experiencing our company and the hiring process, which ultimately led to our work with Survale. We’ve built robust surveying and analytic capability in partnership with Survale, enabling us to measure results and hear from our candidates as they go through the hiring process.

We understand that every interaction a person has with us impacts their impression about our company and our products and services, and is critical to our long-term success. The way a candidate experiences our company will impact their decision to work here, what they tell their friends about us, whether they will buy insurance from us or even if they will be a AAA member. By making the best experience possible, we believe CSAA Insurance Group will stand out as an employer of choice, a good community partner and a great insurance company.

With unemployment rates at an all-time low, candidates have many options, and we are focused on helping CSAA Insurance Group stand out. One of our talent acquisition team’s greatest sources of learning comes from our candidates.

The ability to listen, learn and pivot to take advantage of what we are hearing about their experiences gives us the unique opportunity to improve. The feedback shows us that our employer brand is strong, and in order to get better, we must continue to re-evaluate our processes and find ways to ensure the candidate experience is great.

3. How did you build support and commitment within your team and the broader organization? How did you demonstrate the importance of candidate experience?

We’ve built support and commitment within our talent acquisition team and across the enterprise. Candidate experience surveying requires vulnerability on the part of the talent acquisition and interviewing teams, as it enables you to look under the hood in real time to see what’s working and what can be improved. We established an environment where the team understood that the data was intended for continuous improvement.

In addition, we met with business leaders and interview teams to discuss the connection between customer experience and candidate experience. We shared talent acquisition’s priorities and reinforced the simple behaviors and changes leaders could demonstrate to have a positive impact. These included speed, follow-through, adhering to the interview guides and using a conversational interview style to create a comfortable and inviting interview experience.

We have developed and deployed tools to guide these leaders’ thinking and we have updated working agreements so that everyone knows how their support impacts the recruiting process and candidate experience.

4. How do you measure candidate experience? How do you report on your recruiting process? How do you use that data to demonstrate financial impact as well as manage recruiter and hiring manager behaviors?

Our candidate experience is measured through surveys that are triggered at specific touch points throughout the candidate journey — apply, screen, interview and offer. Each survey includes a set of questions specific to each touch point to help us better understand the candidate experience.

We filter the information to evaluate how each recruiter, hiring manager, location, business line, etc., are doing in aggregate or at the requisition level. We then use that information to help us better understand what is working and where we have opportunities to improve.

“Our goal for our candidates is to walk away feeling good and like they still want to do business with us, whether they were offered a position or not.”

We’ve partnered with Survale to expand capabilities to share the insights that allow our recruiting team to view the responses. We’ve included facts and statistics on the impact of attrition to help demonstrate the importance of candidate experience.

In addition, to help demonstrate the importance of candidate experience and its effects on the organization’s bottom-line revenue, the Talent Board created a candidate experience resentment calculator that calculates the business impact assumption. We’ve also received feedback from candidates that specifically demonstrates the financial impact their experience has on our bottom line.

Our goal for our candidates is to walk away feeling good and like they still want to do business with us, whether they were offered a position or not. In the words of Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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