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Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of mobility solutions, owning and operating the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car brands through its integrated global network of independent regional subsidiaries.

1. What changes have you made to your candidate experience recently? What improvements are you most proud of? How do you know that your changes are making a difference?

We developed two Centers of Excellence (CoE) to support companywide recruiting efforts. The first one is dedicated to sourcing for our professional management training program. The second specializes in the candidate management of our high-volume jobs. They manage the entire apply process including: screening, interviewing, coordinating the on-site interview, offer management and transition to onboarding. We are proud of the efficiencies gained in candidate satisfaction and time to process/hire. Our CoEs also allow local recruiting to focus on local efforts like employee referrals and campus relationships. The benefit is realized by the significant drop in time to contact, time between each status change and time to hire.

2. Why did you decide to make changes to how candidates were being treated? What data or evidence prompted you to make a change?

The changes and challenges due to the pandemic inspired us to re-think all of our processes and determine efficiencies. We were able to focus on building a model process within Centers of Excellence during the economic downturn. The teams were defined with a strategic process to take care of the candidate as a top priority. As the hiring pace picked up, we were prepared to scale quickly to support varying geographic needs.

3. How did you build support and commitment within your team and the broader organization? How did you demonstrate the importance of candidate experience?

Metrics are critical in building support and commitment. Applicants and hires by source were existing metrics, and we determined that if internet recruiting is centralized, the local team can focus on campus and employee referrals. Setting goals and forecasts allowed us to measure the productivity and success of the teams on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Sharing dashboards for up-to-the-minute status updates has built confidence in the process and highlights success of our teams.

4. How do you measure candidate experience? How do you report on your recruiting process? How do you use that data to demonstrate financial impact as well as manage recruiter and hiring manager behaviors?

We have two dashboards with dozens of reports on each providing up-to-the-minute reporting for all Center of Excellence activity.

For example, “Sourced Prospects” are measured by number added today, this week and this month by sourcing specialist (this is visible to all):

Sourced Prospects This Month, per Specialist

“Sourced Candidates” include number of applies, number of interviews and number of hires by sourcing specialist (visible to all). Here’s an example of sourced interviews by month:

Sourced Interviews This Month

“Candidate Management” metrics are measured by volume managed in each status to the time of hire and transition to onboarding.

Here’s an example of number of hires per month, per specialist (which is visible to all):

Number of Hires per Month, per Specialist

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