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Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is a multinational consumer goods corporation, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, that was founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble.

1. What changes have you made to your candidate experience recently? What improvements are you most proud of? How do you know that your changes are making a difference?

We recently re-evaluated our assessment process and made some key changes to improve the candidate experience. Our previous process included two online assessments and one proctored paper-and-pencil assessment. Candidates were required to travel to a testing site or one of our office locations to take the assessment, which could end up being quite a significant time commitment. We now have a 100% online, mobilecapable assessment process that allows candidates to complete our assessments on whatever timing works best for them. We have seen the impact from this change, as our total number of assessment completions has increased. Additionally, we introduced a chatbot on our career site to address common questions that candidates had. We’ve seen great engagement with the chatbot since we launched a year ago, and our recruiters are receiving fewer questions via email.

2. Why did you decide to make changes to how candidates were being treated? What data or evidence prompted you to make a change?

We were seeing higher initial dropout rates at the assessment phase and hearing critical feedback from candidates that the in-person assessment was a barrier to them completing the application process. This led us to investigate how we could update our assessment process to give candidates more flexibility and increase our chances of being able to recruit the best talent to P&G. Our recruiters were also receiving a lot of basic questions from candidates via email and were not able to respond as quickly as they would have liked to because of the high volume. We wanted candidates to be able to have their questions answered instantly, so we looked to automated solutions and implemented the career site chatbot.

Recruiters are now able to commit much more of their time to interacting with candidates.

3. How did you build support and commitment within your team and the broader organization? How did you demonstrate the importance of candidate experience?

Our recruiters are most passionate about spending time with candidates and educating them about the opportunities at P&G. When we demonstrated how much of their time would be saved by moving to an automated assessment process and a career site chatbot, it didn’t take much to get them on board. They are now able to commit much more of their time to interacting with candidates and ensuring that the experience is optimized for each candidate.

4. How do you measure candidate experience? How do you report on your recruiting process? How do you use that data to demonstrate financial impact as well as manage recruiter and hiring manager behaviors?

We have a Net Promoter Score measure at the end of our standard assessment process to capture candidate reactions to our assessment tools. We also capture data from our complete candidate funnel and continuously report it in our global talent scorecard. This allows us to monitor candidate dropout rates at each stage of the recruitment process and evaluate the impact of any changes we make to the process. We can also break these numbers out by region, country, job segmentation (entrylevel vs. experienced hires), function, etc., to identify groups for which candidate dropout rates may be higher and diagnose the issues so we can improve candidate experience.

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