2019 Recruitment Marketing CPR: Conversion Process Results

Highlights from the Fortune 500 Application Conversion Process Audit and
Best Practices to Improve Application Conversion Process to Deliver Better Results 

Companies invest significantly in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition to attract and recruit the best talent. Unprecedented unemployment rates make the job of recruiters more difficult than ever.  And the investment made in talent acquisition is significant.  

Unfortunately, despite the significant investment and unrelenting effort to find the best sources and channels to attract the right candidates to career sites, candidate conversion rates typically reach only about 20-30% from a company career site. 

Join us for our upcoming webinar with Kevin Grossman, President, The Talent Board, and Pete Sanidas, Vice President, Revenue, and Leader of the Talemetry Research Team, to discuss the importance that conversion has on recruiting success and highlights from our 2019 Fortune 500 Conversion Audit.

We will share the latest findings after auditing the conversion process of the Fortune 500, and provide you with straight-forward changes you can make to your apply process to dramatically improve your application completion rates.

During this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • Results from the Talemetry Research Team’s 2019 Fortune 500 Conversion Audit
  • Specific recommendations for improving candidate conversion
  • How personalization will improve conversion  

Featured Speakers

Kevin Grossman

President, The Talent Board
Kevin Grossman is a certified Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) version and Human Capital Strategist (HCS) by HCI with over 19 years of domain expertise with the human resource and talent acquisition industry and related technology marketplace.  Kevin is a respected leader in recruiting, candidate experience, human resources and talent management. Kevin is the Talent Board President of Global Programs responsible for all aspects of the Candidate Experience Awards program and other Talent Board activities worldwide.  Kevin produces and hosts multiple ‘world of work’ podcasts including The CandEs Shop Talk, Reach West Radio, and WorkingTech.  

Pete Sanidas 

VP Revenue, Talemetry 

Pete Sanidas has spent almost 20 years helping enterprise organizations attract and recruit the best talent. Under his leadership, Talemetry has taken the lead in recruitment marketing and has given the recruiting industry a blueprint to mature and advance recruitment marketing practices with the EVOLVESM Maturity & Efficiency Framework. Pete is passionate about bringing modern marketing best practices to improve the corporate recruiting world, and is a well-known thought leader and speaker in the industry.


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