[Recording] 4 ways to create an equitable DEIB workforce in 2023

Check out the webinar recording below with SeekOut, Diverse Recruiting Experts and Gem to learn more!

As layoffs and hiring freezes continue to sweep the nation, talent teams looking to rebound quickly are investing in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives. Research from McKinsey has shown companies that exhibit cultural, ethnic and gender diversity are significantly more likely to outperform less diverse organizations on profitability.

Join our panel of talent experts Cody Horton, Founder, Diverse Recruiting Experts, Christina Tymony, Sr. DEIB Strategy & Enablement Manager at SeekOut, and Salehah Hassan, Head of Engineering Recruiting at Gem to learn how to build a truly equitable DEIB strategy in 2023.

In this webinar recording from January 19, 2023, we’ll discuss:

  • Ways to ensure your interviews are inclusive and welcoming to all candidates
  • Best practices for removing bias and exclusionary language from your job descriptions
  • Tips for training hiring managers and interviewers on fair hiring practices
  • Research findings from the Talent Board on how the candidate experience impacts candidates’ perception of fairness
Learn how you can build a more equitable workforce for your employees and business.

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