[Recording] Beat the Labor Shortage and Find Committed Candidates with SHL

Check out the webinar recording below with SHL to learn more! 

Many organizations are working with a shrinking talent pool for their critical roles and although we are starting to see the slow return to a more steady and predictable labor market, recruiters are still tackling candidate shortages.

Meanwhile, job seekers are also behaving differently. Where they used to research and craft perfect applications to a handful of shortlisted organizations, they now take more of a scattergun approach and are prone to ghosting the companies they applied to.

At SHL we have the privilege of supporting many of the world’s largest and most successful recruitment functions. Based on that experience we have some ideas on how to move your recruitment strategy forward. Hear these ideas and more from Andrew Nelesen, Solutions Group Leader at SHL.

Watch this webinar recording from July 21st at 2p ET to:

  • Understand the current market landscape and talent acquisition trends
  • Explore a strategy to tackle the candidate shortage and activate your recruitment funnel
  • Experience how SHL’s Volume Hiring Solution will help you reinvigorate your recruitment processes and hire faster and smarter.

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