[Recording] Bridging the Gap: Connecting Recruiters and Frontline Candidates with Automation

Check out the webinar recording below with Emi & Talent Board to learn more!

The hourly workforce is often overlooked, despite being the backbone of many industries. These individuals are the workers who keep our stores stocked, our restaurants staffed, and our warehouses running. They are the ones who work long hours for lower pay, yet their contributions to the global economy are often discounted. The value of the hourly workforce may be lost on some–but frontline recruiters do not need to be convinced. 

However, recruiters often face challenges in achieving the connection they hope for with their candidates on a consistent basis. 

Recruitment automation is one of the most effective tools that talent acquisition teams can use to standardize and optimize their hiring processes. However, many talent acquisition professionals are hesitant to remove the all-important human touch. But, we at Emi, believe that great technology shouldn’t replace relationship building–it should enhance it. 

Join Mateo Cavasotto, CEO and Co-Founder of Emi, and Laura Birsinger, Senior Manager, Data Analytics-Human Resources at a Major Goods Manufacturer, for this session on Bridging the Gap: Connecting Recruiters and Frontline Candidates with Automation, recorded on August 15th, 2023, where they will explore: 

  • How to meet the needs of frontline candidates in competitive markets
  • Why bringing dignity and respect to hourly work is essential
  • How recruiters can utilize automation without losing the human touch
  • The important role technology plays in the future of the frontline

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