#CandExperienceDay2020 – Learn More About Measuring and Understanding Your Candidate Experience Perception Gaps

If you’ve always wanted to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your recruiting process and your candidate experience, the time is now to participate in the 2020 CandE Benchmark Research Program.

Perception gaps are real — whether they be what your candidate, your recruiter and/or your hiring manager experiences.

Understanding your candidate experience perception gaps will help you build your business case to develop improvement strategies based on the anonymous candid candidate feedback data you’ll receive from our program.

Join us for this brief overview webinar about the 2020 Talent Board CandE Benchmark Research Program (opening in January!) and Survale, the survey platform that powers the CandEs globally.

During this webinar on #CandExperienceDay2020 you’ll learn:

  • What your candidates want from your recruiting and hiring experience.
  • How you can benchmark against other organizations big and small across industries.
  • Connect with peers and see other recruiting practices and candidate experience initiatives in practice.
  • How you can track year-over-year changes and the return on investment on improvement initiatives you implement.
  • About the potential positive and negative impact of candidate experience on your business.
  • And some of our best candidate experience stories as we celebrate #CandExperienceDay2020



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