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Candidate Experience Day – #CandExperienceDay2020

What better way to kick off the 2020 year and the new decade, than with celebrating a great candidate experience and the positive impact it can have! We hear plenty about the negative and know there is lots of work still to be done, but would love to ring in this new year on a positive, celebratory note with you all.

We encourage you to join us on January 15th in sharing your best candidate experience story on social using the hashtag #CandExperienceDay2020 and help us spread the great news of a positive candidate experience. Share with your networks and help us get everyone involved in this positive mission!

You can write a blog post, share a story or quote on social, whatever your heart desires! We look forward to reading your stories and kicking off the 2020 Talent Board Candidate Experience Award and Benchmark Research Program (the CandEs), our 10th year of elevating and promoting a qualify candidate experience. See you online on January 15th! #CandExperienceDay2020

[Twitter Chat] Join us January 15th  on Twitter from 1-130 pm ET to talk candidate experience. Questions coming soon, follow along on at #CandExperienceDay2020

And join us for 2 great webinars on #CandExperienceDay2020 ! Click below to learn more:

Beyond Tactics: Developing a Candidate Experience Strategy and Understanding for the Future – January 15th from 10-1045 am ET

#CandExperienceDay2020 – Learn More About Measuring and Understanding Your Candidate Experience Perception Gaps – January 15th from 2-245 pm ET


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