Candidate and Employee Experience Considerations for Today (HR Hub)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has devastated the global economy and the recruiting and hiring world. And although many companies have laid off, furloughed and/or frozen hiring altogether, employee and candidate communication have never been more important. Candidate and employee experience today will impact businesses and their brands for years to come.

HR Hub – the biggest HR community in Romania will host Talent Board and Survale for an informative best practices candidate and employee experience webinar featuring Antonio Arias Lopez, HR Project Manager at NATO on June 2nd. This webinar will also address:

  • The COVID-19 global impact and the opportunity to stand out
  • Employer and consumer brand touch-points
  • What are companies doing now: how they communicate, what do they communicate, teleworking, community, etc.
  • Candidate and employee experience impact on your employer and consumer brand
  • The business benefits of candidate and employee experience feedback today and more!

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