Candidate Experience Day 2021 – #CandExperienceDay2021

#CandExperienceDay2021 is coming! Join us on January 27, 2021, for a day of celebrating positive candidate experiences from around the world.

With millions still out of work due to the impact of COVID-19 and companies working on re-skilling, redeploying and retaining as many current employees as possible, empathic communication and feedback loops to all potential external and internal candidates will continue to be critical.

We hope that as vaccinations increase and economies heal, especially for those industries hardest hit during the pandemic, we can get more and more people back to work — and keep them there. And along the way improve their job seeker journeys so that they’ll still be willing to apply again, refer others and have brand affinity, even when they don’t get the job. Just like all the companies that participate in our CandE benchmark research program and those that win our CandE Awards.

Please join us on January 27 and share your positive candidate experience stories, quotes, memes, recommendations, best practices — you name it. They can be from the candidate perspective or the employer perspective. Share them across social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) using the hashtags #CandExperienceDay2021 and #TheCandEs. We’ll capture our favorites and give you all shout-outs as well!

And for those employers around the world interested in getting candidate experience feedback and participating in our 2021 CandE benchmark research program, you can sign up for those overview sessions on January 27 here:

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