[Recording] Employer Branding: Critical to YOUR Success in 2022

Check out the webinar recording below with HireClix to learn more! 

As the economy emerges from the chaos on Covid and looks ahead to the impact of The Great Resignation, talent acquisition leaders need to ask themselves if they are ready for the road ahead. A key component to being prepared to capture and retain talent is firming up and better defining your employer brand in the marketplace. When people say employer brand, there still seems to be some haziness to what it means. The fact is, most practitioners now know they have to go beyond job boards and market their employer brand but where should they start? What does the path from Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to activating Employer Branding campaigns look like? Watch this webinar recording of Talent Board and HireClix’s Founder & CEO Neil Costa from February 8th, 2022, as we set the course and discuss everything included in the journey to defining and activating your employer brand in the marketplace.

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