Engaging Candidates in Style: How Talbots Creates Personalized Messaging to Connect with Candidates

Work Smart. Reach High. Have Fun. That’s how Talbots defines their culture. In this webinar, you will see how that passion is also reflected in their smart approach to engaging candidates in style. Susan Collins, Director of Talent Acquisition for Talbots alongside Jenny Dang, a former recruiter who currently leads customer success initiatives for GR8 People will present how a successful candidate nurturing program was built from the ground up and has shown measurable ROI. From the approach that the Talbots talent acquisition team took to craft the right message and leverage the right CRM technology to the lessons learned along the way and where they plan to go next, you will come away with real-world insights on:

— Building a CRM program from the ground up
— The approach to messaging development and content strategy
— The difference between lead generation vs. lead nurturing
— Campaign KPIs to measure ROI

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