First Impressions: Candidate Attraction to Application

Combining a strong yet transparent employer brand with an easy and engaging application experience could give your organization the competitive edge it needs in a tight job market. These first impressions matter, and you can make an instant impact by optimizing the early stages of your recruitment process. Just remember that candidates still can be lost if you do not sustain the same level of customer care from the initial attraction all the way through to application.

During this webinar, Talent Board President of Global Programs Kevin W. Grossman will share data-based insights and tactical examples from CandE Award-Winning employers to help you improve the start of your own candidate experience.

Rewatch this webinar with Cielo and Talent Board to learn:

  • The power of having strong employer brand interactions before candidates even apply
  • Why it is imperative to build an application process focused on user experience and transparent feedback
  • The bottom-line impact of candidate experience – from word-of-mouth to purchasing power

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