[Recording] Going Live, Perfecting the Video Interview


The virtual environment has now expanded exponentially, and there is a need to have people set up for success, especially when it comes to hiring. Yes, hiring is still happening in this chaotic world, and to keep the process moving smoothly and providing the best experience, regardless of where people are, both the hiring manager and the candidate need to be prepared to take part in a video interview.

Join Darren Findley, president of Recruitment Solutions at Engage2Excel, as he tackles the challenges and benefits of taking your hiring process virtual in this webinar recording from April 20th. From using the right tools to tips for preparing the candidate on what to expect, Darren will provide his insights and experience from Engage2Excel’s remote recruiters. Along with feedback from their client’s hiring managers, this conversation will help guide recruiting teams to rock the video interview process and provide candidates with a first-class experience.

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