[Recording] Hiring for Potential Elevates Inclusion

Check out the webinar recording below to learn more!

Talent Board candidate experience research is clear and definitive — all candidates want a fair shot and the ability to prove they could do the job. However, hiring today is still dependent on the literal matching of skills, and not the hiring for diverse potential.

Smart recruiting technologies today combined with a progressive recruiting team can greatly reduce bias in the hiring process. This includes screening for the skills someone can do today while highlighting their human potential for tomorrow, which can elevate inclusion. Fairness starts with measurement, and companies first need a data strategy before they can effectively execute DE&I equity policies in hiring.

Join Talent Board and Eightfold for an informative webinar recording on this topic from Wednesday, December 16th. You’ll learn:

  • How talent acquisition professionals and leaders can have confidence that their recruiting technology is not creating bias
  • Why companies should focus on hiring for both skills and potential
  • Why companies should pursue DE&I policies in hiring

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