[Recording] Houston Methodist: Leveraging Innovation to Reimagine the Talent Experience & Create Exceptional Results

In 2017, a report from the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services painted a gloomy picture about the future of supply and demand among the healthcare workforce. It was particularly worrisome for Texas: If current healthcare trends continue, the report suggested, the state would be short nearly 15,900 registered nurses. That’s significant for organizations like Houston Methodist, which is consistently recognized as one of America’s Best Hospitals for its outstanding care and innovation — two things that rely heavily on being able to find and hire the best healthcare professionals.

Houston Methodist’s aim is to provide the same exceptional service delivery to candidates that they provide for their patients. In order to meet the growing demand for skilled nurses and deliver an elite level candidate experience, Houston Methodist is leveraging innovation to meet candidates where they are and connect with them at all hours of the day. One of the resources in their successful outreach is Paradox’s AI Assistant, Olivia. This simple, seamless experience gives Houston Methodist a key advantage. By living its mission of providing the best possible care for everyone who interacts with the organization, it stands out among top healthcare talent who might be driven by delivering that same care to their patients.

Watch this webinar to learn how the organization:

  • Is enabling a high-touch, personalized, responsive experience that keeps the candidate at the heart of the hiring journey and beyond — a mission that aligns with the organization’s I CARE values
  • Engages candidates in real-time on any device and any hour of the day to ensure they’re always front-and-center with top talent.
  • Automates administrative work to free the recruiting team up to spend more time doing what they do best: Building relationships with the very best candidates.
  • Increased inbound candidate interest.

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