[Recording] How AI & Automation Empowers Recruiting Teams Today and Tomorrow

The Covid 19 crisis has had a drastic impact on recruiting. It has displaced recruiting teams, completely disrupted traditional hiring processes, and accelerated the need for reliance on a new suite of technologies and practices to adapt and embrace the rapidly-shifting hiring world. These wheels were already in motion, and coronavirus has only poured fuel on the fires of change.

Join Talent Board and Wade & Wendy on April 16th for an informative panel discussion webinar about AI recruitment technology that can create a digital-first recruiting process. One that prioritizes a consistent high-quality candidate experience, automates processes to optimize the workflow for a remote environment, enables distributed team collaboration, and delivers a unique and scalable engagement experience that powers informed data-driven hiring decisions.

The panel includes: Jason Roberts (Global Talent Acquisition Capability Leader, Accenture), Mark Berkowsky (Senior Director – Talent Acquisition & Mobility, Equitable) and Drew Austin (CEO, Wade & Wendy).

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