[Recording] How Recruiters Can Help Today and Tomorrow When Companies Aren’t Hiring

Check out this webinar panel discussion recording from Talent Board on how recruiters can help today and tomorrow when companies aren’t hiring, and so much more.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) health care crisis continues to impact recruiting and hiring. According to Talent Board, 74% of companies have reduced hiring or frozen hiring. There continues to be uncertainty and disruption in what our businesses, supply chains, health care industry, education, and even entertainment will look like for the next few months and years.

If your hiring slowing or stopping, it’s time to dust off that list of “to-do’s.” With the right mindset, you’ll see that list is a tool of actions you can take now to set up yourself and your teams for future hiring success and a better candidate experience.

During this updated informative webinar recording from May 21st, Talent Board President Kevin Grossman, Talent Acquisition Manager at Expert Velocity and CandE Consultant Adela Schoolderman, and Head of Human Resources at Family Resource Center and CandE Consultant Jim Fox, will share their ideas on what you should focus on now including:

  • Employee engagement and company culture
  • Updating candidate communications, job descriptions and more
  • Deepening internal relationships
  • “Silver medalist” candidates and runners up
  • Pipelining candidates today for tomorrow
  • Health and wellness considerations
  • Legal considerations
  • Scenario planning for recruiting and hiring
  • And more!
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