[Recording] How to Identify and Fix Your Candidate Drop-off Points

Check out the webinar recording below with Gem and Cockroach Labs to learn more!

These days, moving candidates through the hiring process can often feel like trying to carry water in your hands. You’ve built a good hiring pipeline, but when you reach the final stage, somehow the majority of these candidates have slipped through your fingers.

Candidate drop-off takes a financial toll on the organization and an emotional toll on those involved in the hiring process, as sourcing and recruiting efforts have already been invested in every candidate who exits your process. So how should you identify and resolve your candidate drop-off points?

Watch this webinar recording from August 2nd as the Talent Board president Kevin Grossman moderates an informative discussion between Leigh Miller, Senior Customer Talent Advisor at Gem and David Delaney, Sr. Manager of Recruiting at Cockroach Labs, sharing their tips and strategies to resolve candidate drop-off points and get better hiring results. You’ll learn:

  • Painless ways and tools to manage candidates and track drop-off points
  • What major candidate drop-off points are, and what they mean for recruiting teams
  • How to improve your recruiting process to deliver a great candidate experience

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