[Recording] How to Improve Your Sourcing Strategy and Candidate Experience

Check out the webinar recording below with SeekOut to learn more!

Are you providing the right candidate experience for the wrong candidates? Or the wrong candidate experience for the right candidates? Organizations often work to improve candidate experience by adding automation and AI to the recruiting workflow. However, adding new technologies don’t always translate into sound strategies if your messages aren’t targeting the right candidates. And that can ultimately lead to a poor candidate experience, with candidates less likely to apply again or refer others.

During this session recording from June 22nd, Jeremy Roberts, Talent Acquisition Technologist at SeekOut, will discuss:

  • How to identify the right people at the right time using deep talent insights
  • Best practices to engage and attract the candidates you want to invite
  • Why (and how) you should focus on past applicants and candidates you have been nurturing
  • A new way to think about the HR Tech stack that will save time, money, and your organization’s reputation

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