[Recording] Important considerations as you pivot quickly to video interview in an increasingly virtual world

Watch this recording from April 30th to learn how you can leverage technology to maximize the candidate’s experience

Organizations around the globe have been thrust into video interviewing and virtual hiring processes in short order. Most are learning that its more than simply having technology to facilitate the process. In fact, many are learning that the carefully crafted in-person candidate interview experience doesn’t easily translate into a virtual/video environment. How do you deliver a high-touch experience that puts candidates at ease, and ensures they feel the process is fair, welcoming and informative. For interviewers, the realities of interviewing via video aren’t as straightforward as they’d expect. Navigating technology, following interview guides/questions, taking notes, while ensuring you’re providing a positive candidate experience is not an easy task. Enabling effective and consistent virtual interviewing at scale is a challenge that requires more than equipping interviewers and candidates with technology.

Watch this recording from April 30th to learn how you can leverage technology to maximize the candidate’s virtual experience, reduce stress for candidates and interviewers alike, enhance the perception of fairness, ensure accessibility and increase the accuracy of virtual interviews via technology. You may find that technology-aided virtual interviews is not a compromise, but rather, an opportunity to enhance the quality and rigor of your interviewing process.


Andrew Nelesen

Andrew is the global owner of SHL’s Volume assessment strategy. With 7 years of experience at SHL and nearly 20 years in Talent Management, Andrew keeps pace with evolving market trends and changing customer requirements to ensure the SHL Volume Hiring solution set is market leading.


Lance Andrews

Lance is the Head of Solution Strategy for SHL’s America’s business. A consultant at heart, Lance applies his experience and expertise gained from over 16 years in consulting and consulting leadership to provide strategic guidance to SHL’s customers. Lance creates greater value for our customers through analyzing, diagnosing and understanding their needs, and ensuring our products and services are positioned and optimally aligned to address those complex needs.

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