[Recording] Making Hiring as Easy as Ordering a Frosty

Learn how a national franchise group is leveraging conversational AI to serve up the ultimate candidate experience — and save hours every week while they do it. Enjoy the webinar recording below!

The Talent Acquisition team at Meritage Hospitality Group — one of the largest Wendy’s franchise groups in the country — has a big job. It supports recruiting for more than 300 Wendy’s franchise locations and five other restaurant concepts in 16 states — all of which need to be fully staffed to deliver a top notch restaurant experience.

At the beginning of the year, Josh Swem, Meritage’s Manager of Talent Acquisition, started to explore new ways to take some of the hiring pressure off of the franchise group’s restaurant managers. Swem’s goal: Provide an easier, mobile-first application process for their candidates, and automate everyday recruiting tasks to free restaurant managers from the burden of managing the recruiting process. A few months after Meritage’s search began, Swem and Meritage were well on their way to an incredible transformation.

In this webinar, Swem sits down with the Talent Board’s Kevin Grossman to share how Meritage built a candidate-friendly text-to-apply experience with automated interview scheduling that reduced bottlenecks in the hiring process and helped Meritage achieve the previously unthinkable: Nearly-full staffing in restaurants company-wide pre-pandemic. Like most quick-serve restaurants, Meritage Hospitality Group saw a toll on their staffing numbers during the pandemic and they are now working their way back up to where they were previously.

Watch this webinar recording from October 7th to learn how Meritage:

  • Shortened its application process to less than five minutes — integrating with Workday to create a seamless experience for candidates.
  • Screened candidates instantly and automated interview scheduling to lock in qualified candidates the same day they applied.
  • Improved restaurant staffing from 86% to 99% company-wide (pre-pandemic).
  • Leveraged the speed that conversational AI gave them to compete in hiring talent back during the pandemic.

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