[Recording] Recruiting News Alert: What’ll Happen This Fall?

Check out the webinar recording below with Appcast to learn more!

Urgent Market Update.

“Is Fall hiring going to get better?”
“Is the Delta variant making hiring harder?”
“Will job seekers return to the market after extended unemployment benefits expire?”
“Are job seekers behaving differently based on where they live?”

Watch this webinar recording from Thursday, September 9th when Appcast’s Labor Economist, Andrew Flowers, will present the most recent data on the state of the candidate acquisition market.

Andrew will discuss:

  • How job seeker behavior continues to change as the economy recovers, unemployment benefits change, and the Delta variant expands.
  • 3 ways leading recruitment marketers are finding ‘seams of efficiency’ to drive quality candidates.
  • A preliminary look forward to 2022’s hiring landscape.

Join us for insights into what the data is telling us and practical tips on how you can weather this perfect storm.

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