[Recording] See what’s next: Applying a Netflix-like Approach to Talent Matching

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Personalized recommendations are the strategy of disruptors in every market. Netflix for content, Spotify for music, and Amazon for e-commerce. So why not in matching talent to jobs?

For too long, we have relied on broad assumptions to guide hiring and internal mobility, overlooking how jobs might show up differently in different organizations. Worse, we are not accounting for the fast-evolving skills landscape.

AI makes personalization at scale possible. In this session, we share how a personalized talent matching engine built on soft skills data will change your game altogether. Learn:

  • Why objective behavioral data is fundamental to personalized recommendations, and how you can capture it effectively
  • How to switch from lagging to leading indicators of success to meet the pace of business change
  • How to apply personalization as a strategy not only at recruitment but across the whole talent lifecycle to optimize your workforce

Meet The Speakers: 

Nia Kiara England
Client Success,

As a Client Success Manager at pymetrics Nia is responsible for program managing talent transformation initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and Social Impact efforts. Prior to pymetrics she held HR and Operations change management roles at Goldman Sachs, Google, and Bank of New York Mellon. Nia earned a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor’s from New York University. Nia is passionate about travel, food, and volunteering.”

Justin Hess
Lead IO Psychologist,

Justin specializes in personnel assessments and workforce development, having received his Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University. He has worked with organizations for over 12 years to hire the best candidates, onboard new employees more efficiently, and use objective data to drive more meaningful professional growth for current employees. At pymetrics, Justin leads the NAMER I/O Psychologist team, who consults with clients on best practices for implementing pymetrics’ talent acquisition and management solutions across their candidates and employees. He is passionate about travel, food, and all things technology.

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