Sparc Webinar: Why the Best Candidates Walk Away

The recruitment process is long and challenging, and on both sides of the process, there is frustration. Starting from your employer branding effort, all the way through to your offer letter, there are points where you can sabotage your recruiting effort. More than 80% of employers are using tools and practices the undermine their own recruitment effort. Discover how the CandE data has identified these trouble spots.

In this 30-minute recorded webinar, you will learn how you might:

– Weaken your credibility
– Discourage your most promising candidates
– Make candidates feel disrespected

As well as best-practices on how avoid these traps.

Join Maury Hanigan, CEO of Sparc, the award-winning multimedia job description platform and Kevin Grossman, President of the Talent Board for this essential session. During the webinar, you will create a personal checklist to help uncover the flaws in your process. You will have tangible, easy-to-implement and often no-cost fixes that will strengthen your talent acquisition.

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