Talent Engagement: Stop Doing The Wrong Stuff & Start Doing the Right Stuff

Is talent running for the hills (or to your competitors)? Or, are they lining up at your front door? When they do arrive, are you doing your best to welcome them and show them around? Talent Acquisition professionals have an opportunity to build better candidate engagement practices resulting in improved key performance metrics, including more successful applicants and quality new hires.

When was the last time you walked in your candidate’s shoes? What crazy hoops are being asked of them when they apply, complete assessments, interview, etc? Remember, they don’t even know if they’re even interested in the job yet! Are you leveraging social media and SMS/text to immediately engage the job seeker while differentiating your company? Are you utilizing a proactive recruitment marketing strategy? Do candidates have one-click apply (please tell me it’s less than 5 minutes)? We want better things for you and your candidates…

In this webinar, Janine Woodworth, Director of Strategic Services at Jobvite will discuss why building out a candidate engagement strategy is so critical. She will challenge you to think differently about engaging prospects, job seekers and applicants throughout the recruitment life cycle.

She’ll also discuss:

  • What candidate engagement is and how to build out a candidate engagement plan for your organization.
  • What the difference is between candidate engagement and candidate experience.
  • The top 10 questions you need to be asking yourself as a talent acquisition function.
  • Tactics you can take to improve candidate engagement.

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