Technology as a talent consideration in your HR strategy


  • Kevin Grossman, President, Global Programs – Talent Board
  • Gary Cook, Chief Technology Officer – WilsonHCG
  • Stephen Gilbert, Vice President, Client Solutions – WilsonHCG
  • Libby Herrmann, Client Relationship Director – WilsonHCG


The speed of technological change is transforming the future of work. People often talk about technology, like artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital technology as an HR tool that is implemented into their talent acquisition process. However, we should be looking at technology as an extension of our talent pool. Just like human talent, bringing in technology will have broad effects on the organization at large – both positive and negative – but this mental shift will provide a more holistic approach to modern HR strategies.

Many of today’s jobs will be augmented by technology in some way and will cease to exist in their current form. This shift will inevitably drive an evolution in the skills required to achieve your organization’s strategic business objectives. In this webinar, we will explore:

  • How these advances in technology will impact the composition of your workforce
  • How to strike the right balance between human talent and technological capabilities

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to align current and future business objectives with your organization’s capabilities, both human and technological
  • Find out how to overcome the unique challenges technology presents
  • Gain an insight into how technology and its usage within HR strategy will evolve in the next 3-5 years


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