[Recording] The 4 Reasons Your Referral Program Underperforms

Check out the webinar recording below to learn these 4 reasons and more!

For many companies, referral hires prove to be top quality hires. Research shows that referral hires assimilate more quickly, have greater engagement, and stay at the company longer than non-referral hires. In general, referral hires tend to be among the best hires a company can make. Thus, you want more of them.

According to the HireClix Referral Program Survey 2020, 78% of companies have formal referral programs. Yet, 70% of those companies report not achieving one or more of their program goals. Many companies have dedicated staff to manage, promote, and evaluate the referral program. Over 90% of companies with referral programs pay cash bonuses averaging over $1,000 to employees who refer successful candidates. Thus, you are spending significant resources, yet not getting the results you want.

Watch this webinar recording from December 3rd to benchmark your program against other companies and learn about the top 4 reasons your program is not performing. Walk away with fresh ideas on how to boost your referral program.

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