The Magnificent 7: The Essential Elements of a Great Candidate Experience


Too many employers make assumptions about what a great candidate experience looks like.

But assumptions about what candidates want aren’t good enough.

Are you confident in the quality of your candidate experience? You try to get to candidates quickly, offer a fun personality test, you even have delicious snacks at your interviews. You assume your candidates are pretty happy overall. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance your candidates disagree.

You don’t have to guess what drives a great experience for your candidates because research has already defined the Magnificent 7 – the elements fundamental to getting candidate experience right.

Join us to learn how to create a candidate experience that:

  • Quickly engages candidates while prioritizing personal connection, convenience, and communication
  • Educates candidates about your organization, its culture, and values
  • Gives candidates an opportunity to put their best foot forward, to demonstrate their skills and abilities

Find out which of the Magnificent 7 you’re getting right – and which ones you’re not.

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