[Recording] The New Era of Interviewing: Reducing Bias from Start to Finish

Check out the webinar recording below with Modern Hire to learn more! 

Decades of research have consistently shown that well-developed and executed interviews – throughout the entire hiring process – are among the strongest predictors of a successful hire. Asking the right questions for the right hires is vital – but do hiring teams truly know which questions will lead to the best outcome?

Additionally, we know that people are inherently prone to bias. The way we’ve always interviewed is flawed, and it leads to low diversity and adverse impact. It also is not predictive of job success, which means hiring teams are hard-pressed to connect hiring to organizational performance.

Join this webinar recording from June 7th to learn:

  1. How the pandemic led to significant shifts in the hiring process – especially with interviews
  2. The most formidable challenges in interviewing
  3. How new HR technology – like AI-powered automated interview tools – can drastically boost your hiring results by identifying best-fit candidates in a fast, consistent, fair, and engaging process.

Meet The Speakers:

Eric Sydell, Ph.D., EVP of Innovation at Modern Hire

Eric Sydell, PhD, is an industrial-organizational psychologist, seasoned entrepreneur, and skilled consultant with more than two decades of experience working in the recruiting technology and staffing industries. An expert in artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, psychometrics, and their practical application in hiring, Eric regularly writes and speaks on these topics, both in the media and at academic and industry conferences, worldwide, and is the co-author of the forthcoming book Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle, to be released in March 2022 by the Fast Company Press.

Eric was one of the founding scientists of Shaker International, an innovative hiring consulting and solutions firm, where he directed research and innovation. He currently serves as Executive Vice President of Innovation at Modern Hire, where he oversees all research and product innovation initiatives, including the data science-focused Labs team of PhD-level I-O psychologists and data scientists.

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