[Recording] Virtual Conference Day 2: How Technology Empowers Recruiting and Candidate Experience

Enjoy the recording of Day 2 from our May 2020 Virtual Conference on How Technology Empowers Recruiting and Candidate Experience with the many speakers featured below.

Day 2 speakers, sessions and recording times below for our 3 Day Virtual Conference Event – you can also watch the recordings for Day 1 & Day 3!

From pre-application to onboarding, recruiting and hiring processes are becoming more complex and personalized, and when done consistently, can impact candidate experience for the better. Technology has always been a powerful ally to talent acquisition and this virtual conference will highlight how it empowers recruiting and candidate experience for companies big and small across industries.

UPDATED RECORDING TIMES BELOW – you can click on each time to watch the YouTube recording at the start of that presentation, or view the whole event here, thank you!

Check out the Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards virtual conference on Thursday, May 28, 12-4 pm ET, featuring:

6:15 – KEYNOTE Session #1: The Forgotten Workforce: The Role of Technology in Recruiting Hourly Workers

Aptitude Research

36:00 – Session #2: Important Considerations As You Pivot Quickly to Video Interview in an Increasingly Virtual World

Global Owner Volume Assessment Strategy

Head of Solution Strategy

1:10:39 – Session #3: How Candidate Feedback Can Inform Talent Acquisition Strategy in Uncertain Times

Ian Alexander
Co-Founder, Director & CMO

1:44:15 – Session #4: Where do we go from here?

Jerome Ternynck 
Founder and CEO

2:15:22 – Session #5: Insane in the Brain: Using Neuroscience to Build the Optimal Candidate Experience

Senior Consultant

VP Strategic Consulting Services

2:39:03 – Session #6: Creating Authentic Content in Our New Remote World

CEO & Co-Founder
Altru Labs

2:58:16 – Session #7: Groupthink—what is it and how does it negatively impact your candidate experience?

CEO, Co-founder



  • Melissa Majors – CEO, Melissa Majors Consulting
  • Torin Ellis – D&I thought leader
  • Danielle Gaucher – Academic/Researcher

3:28:50 – Session #8: Rise of Talent Operations: The Fundamentals

Director of Strategy

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