[Recording] Virtual Conference: How Technology Empowers Recruiting and Candidate Experience – Day 3

Enjoy the recording of Day 3 from our May 2020 Virtual Conference on How Technology Empowers Recruiting and Candidate Experience with the many speakers, sessions and recording times listed below. You can also watch the recordings for Day 1 & Day 2!

Looking for Session #7 How to Deploy Large Hiring Events Quickly in Times of Crisis with Craig Fisher & Tom Jewett from Allegis Global Solutions and Jerome Ternynck from SmartRecruiters? Click here to watch!

From pre-application to onboarding, recruiting and hiring processes are becoming more complex and personalized, and when done consistently, can impact candidate experience for the better. Technology has always been a powerful ally to talent acquisition and this virtual conference will highlight how it empowers recruiting and candidate experience for companies big and small across industries.

UPDATED RECORDING TIMES BELOW – you can click on each time to watch the YouTube recording at the start of that presentation, or view the whole event here, thank you!

Check out the final day of the Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards virtual conference on Friday, May 29, 12-4 pm ET, featuring:

5:25 – KEYNOTE Session #1: A Buyer’s Guide to Recruiting Tech that Empowers Internal Teams and Candidates

George LaRocque
Founder & Principal Analyst

30:55 – Session #2: Hiring Through Crisis: How Conversational AI Helped 3 Companies Adapt to Challenges They’d Never Seen

Chief Product Officer

1:04:43 – Session #3: Beneficial Intelligence: Standards for the Ethical Application of AI in Hiring

Eric Sydell, PhD
EVP – Innovation
Modern Hire

1:32:15 – Session #4: The 5 Most Important Ways to Use Your TA Tech Stack to Deliver a Better Candidate Experience

Stacey Jones
Director of Recruiting Technology & Sales Enablement
GR8 People

2:03:52 – Session #5: The Secret to a Career Site that Converts

Shane Gray
SVP Sales & Business Development
Clinch, a PageUp company

2:29:33 – Session #6: Future workforce management in a post-COVID era. Procurement or HR accountability?

Karen Gonzalez
Executive Vice President, North America

CLICK HERE TO WATCH! – Session #7: How to Deploy Large Hiring Events Quickly in Times of Crisis

Tom Jewett
VP of North American RPO Operation
Allegis Global Solutions
Craig Fisher
Head of Recruiting Innovation
Allegis Global Solutions
Jerome Ternynck
Founder and CEO

3:04:30 – Session #8: Leveraging Science to Drive Candidate Engagement

Darren Findley
President of Recruitment Solutions

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