Virtual Conference: Perception Gaps in Recruiting and Candidate Experience

The recruiting experience employers are delivering doesn’t always align with what candidates experience. Perception gaps in recruiting and candidate experience are real and it’s important that employers understand the gaps and how to close them. Check out the speakers and sessions below — Register now!

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Session #1: Why Do Candidates Still Think We Suck?

Candidates think we suck because no matter how hard we try, we still have the perception that we are a black hole! Tim will show us some ways to break this perception!

Tim Sackett
President of HRU Technical Resources
HR/Recruiting Industry Blogger

Session #2:The Goldilocks Effect: Getting Your Candidate Experience “Just Right”

With continued pressure to deliver a consumer-grade candidate experience, organizations are turning to technology for nearly every part of their recruitment process. But do candidates really want just a good old-fashioned human connection? Kristen will explore where technology makes the most sense and where the human touch is irreplaceable.

Kristen Magni
VP of Talent & Culture at The Bozzuto Group

Session #3: The Candidate Perception Gap Around Pay Parity

Gender Equality best practices go well beyond salary but, making sure you treat salary conversation fairly during interviews is important and has a growing impact on your candidates’ experience. Dat is showing that simply asking a candidate their salary ‘expectations’ is a workaround that doesn’t improve their perception that your approach is fair to women. What we learned from 23,000 responses to Question #35 of the CandE’s survey might surprise you.

Gerry Crispin
Talent Board Co-founder
Principal and Chief Navigator at CareerXroads

Shannon Pritchett
Managing Director at CareerXroads

Session #4:Tapping into the Professional Gig Economy

We’ll look at some perception gaps that employers have about engaging contractors and project workers and discuss how the professional gig economy is changing the future of work relationships.

Adela Schoolderman
Candidate Experience Consultant, Talent Board
Talent Acquisition Manager at Expert Velocity

Session #5: How Dent Wizard Won a CandE Award and Why That Doesn’t Matter

There is a perception that candidate will think what they want to think and CX data will not be predictive. However, when you first look at you CX data, one of the first things you’ll learn is that job seekers are stunned that anyone cares about what they think. Your candidate satisfaction scores will increase pretty much immediately just because you asked.

Tony Suzda
Director of Talent Acquisition and Talent Strategy at Dent Wizard International

Session #6: The Looking Glass of Diversity—Don’t Like What You See? Here’s How to Improve Your View

There are a few areas we need to focus on to improve our set of experienced skills and quality tools we use to accomplish this, including: Inclusion Leader 360 reviews and unconscious bias braining; deliberate recruiting process to eliminate bias; and track progress.

Stephanie Wemusa
VP, Diversity and Inclusion at TalVista Communications Trainer and Adjunct Professor at San Jose State University

Session #7: Putting the Relationship First

3 Lessons to Reducing the Candidate Experience Gap Through Relationships: 1) Learn what is important, 2) Learn how to communicate, and 3) Understand it’s more than a number.

Brian White
Executive Director of Human Resources and Operations at Auburn-Washburn Unified School, District 437

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