[Recording] What does your recruiting process say about you? How to engage and convert great talent.

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68% of candidates think the hiring process reflects how a company treats its employees. Is your recruiting process set-up to engage and convert great talent?

In today’s multi-channel, multi-touch world, the needs of businesses and candidates are as varied and dynamic as the job market itself. Recruitment needs and processes are shifting just as rapidly as candidate expectations. Candidates are also more selective than they used to – especially the younger generation and Gen Z. Help them be more selective. Understand what they really want.

Here is the great dilemma of talent acquisition today: while most companies face candidate shortages, competing to engage and convert great talent, searching for more diversity, and seeking to fill new and evolving roles with growing skill sets – candidates are seeking more transparency, meaningful experiences, greater communication, and deeper company education.

HR teams need the tools and insights to keep up. Organizations must be equipped to engage good candidates and hire the right people, fast, by tapping into new, more dynamic recruitment tools.

In this live conversation recorded on October 19th at 2pm ET, we will review how candidate sentiment has evolved in a changing labor landscape and why it is critical for HR teams to embrace data to understand candidate behavior and adapt to changing candidates’ preferences. We will share best practices on how you can create meaningful and engaging interactions with candidates, give them the opportunity to connect with your brand, and ultimately, hire the best employees. We will illustrate our discussion with examples of companies that successfully adjusted and positioned their talent acquisition strategies for success against the instability of the past year.

Specifically, we will discuss:

  • What are the key factors that influence candidate engagement and satisfaction, giving you a framework and language for discussion with your stakeholders?
  • How to apply candidate experience “lessons learned” as you evolve your hiring programs for success during a global pandemic.
  • How to adjust your recruitment process and embrace automation to create a stress-free experience for both candidates and recruiters and keep everyone engaged throughout the process.

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