[Recording] Why the Candidate Experience Professional Development Is So Important

Candidate experience is a competitive differentiator in your recruiting, hiring and retention strategy and tactics because candidates who perceive fairness in the process and feel like their time was valued will stay connected to you.

In this webinar recording from February 23rd, Talent Board president Kevin Grossman and director of learning programs Adela Schoolderman will tell you about the new joint and Talent Board Candidate Experience Certificate of Learning Program launching soon.

This new learning program includes the following best practices that are delivered through a combination of facilitator-led live peer discussions and self-paced learning:

  • Getting leadership buy-in and support for candidate experience initiatives. You will learn to turn data into key insights and align them to business goals. We will practice creating a business plan together.
  • Develop reasonable and repeatable expectations that your recruiters deliver when engaging with candidates so they feel like their time is valued.
  • Learn to bring structure to the screening and interviewing of candidates in a way that they perceive fairness in the process and your team can confidently select the most qualified.
  • Learn how to rejecting candidates with empathy so they remain interested in your business even though they did not get the job.
  • Throughout the course, we will build an action plan and toolkit that we keep when the course ends, along with newfound best practices and an expanded network of peers.

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