Formula for a Great Candidate Experience


Formula for a Great Candidate Experience

Much progress has been made in delivering a positive candidate experience. Where does your organization fall on the candidate experience success meter?

Join Elaine Orler, chairman and co-founder of Talent Board, the founding organization of the Candidate Experience Awards and Chris Hoyt, Talent Engagement & Market Leader at PepsiCo – three-time CandE Award winner – for an engaging discussion focusing on what makes a great candidate experience.

Highlighting research findings from the 2013 Candidate Experience survey and PepsiCo’s real-world success, Orler and Hoyt will offer insight into strategies and best practices for establishing great candidate experience and the positive impact it has on company and employment brands.

The survey findings also highlight the importance of collecting candidate feedback throughout all stages of the recruiting process. Orler and Hoyt will share PepsiCo’s best practices for encouraging candidates to provide their feedback.

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