It’s All About the Candidate Experience


It’s All About the Candidate Experience

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The last two weeks have been all about the candidate experience for me. On Friday, September 19th, I had the pleasure of attending the first-ever Candidate Experience Symposium, organized by the Talent Board, with sponsors from the talent acquisition solution provider industry. They announced the 62 US winners of the North American Candidate Experience Awards (or CandEs)—for the full listing, see this link. And a special congratulations to those twelve organizations that won with distinction, designated by an asterisk.

During the symposium, we heard from many of the winners and here were some of the ways their candidate experiences stood out:

  • Declining all rejected candidates with a phone call
  • Sending responses to candidate applications with recruiters’ desk phone numbers to encourage a personal touch
  • Capturing college applicants as hotel loyalty members so they’ll be customers for life
  • Determining if each step in the application process is really required
  • Remembering that the candidate experience is a life-long relationship with your employment brand; it’s not just about the application process

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