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30 Brilliant Networking Conversation Starters

By The Muse Editor on The Muse When it comes to conversation, you’re a natural. You can chat up a storm with just about anyone, you’re a pro at listening, and you love meeting and connecting with new people. But when it comes to starting that networking conversation? That’s a different story. This is one of the... read more

Projecting Success From a Clean Resume

By Corinne Balisky on PeopleCorner – Powered by PeopleScout With an average of less than 10 seconds to impress a potential employer, your resume needs to clearly and cleanly say who you are.  You need to get across your skill set and achievements in a bold, contemporary, targeted style.  Listing your work experience and education are important,... read more

I’m a Career Coach and Here’s What I Learned When I Had to Job Search

By Al Dea on The Muse As a career coach, I spend a lot of time working with professionals to make the jump from one role to another, offering advice and guidance across all parts of the job search. Recently, I had the chance to really practice what I preach. After spending five and a half... read more

It’s a new year! New start! New opportunities! New goals! New resume?

By Polly Sheeley on PeopleCorner – Powered by PeopleScout Many of us hold on to the same resume – same format – same information, year after year. If this sounds like you, it may be time to update that outdated resume. Contact Information – Including specifics, such as your street address and home telephone number, may be a... read more

How to Get the Max ROI on Your Internship

By Jennifer Chandler on The Muse  Worst kept secret about internships? They’re about more than just a line on your resume. Internships are about networking, connections, and the impression you leave behind. And yet—the internship itself won’t take care of these things for you. So, whether you’re managing a social channel or tackling a major business... read more