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Talent Board Releases 2021 Candidate Experience Benchmark Research

Positive candidate experiences are on the decline and candidate resentment is increasing.

SAN FRANCISCODec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and benchmark research of a quality candidate experience, today released its primary 2021 candidate experience benchmark research report.

This year over 150 companies hiring around the world participated in the 2021 Talent Board benchmark research program (also known as the CandEs), which ultimately collected the feedback and experiences of nearly 200,000 job candidates. The largest study of its kind, the Talent Board benchmark research has evaluated responses from over 1,200 of global employers and over 1.25 million job seekers since 2011.

Talent Board’s benchmark research covers recruiting and hiring experiences from pre-application to onboarding, what makes for positive and fair candidate experiences, how employers are delivering those experiences, and what CandE award winners are doing better – companies that have the highest positive candidate ratings in the Talent Board research.

Some of this year’s key takeaways include:

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